When Quiet Time Is In Order

Over-excitement, impatience, and anxiety can make family travel a little bumpy for everyone. Here, a few ways to instill chill-time on the go. 

Headspace for Kids, $12.95/month - $419.95/unlimited

When it's time to calm down, focus, or get to sleep, the Headspace app offers exercises and techniques designed for kids. Sorted by age brackets, the sessions are just five minutes (or less).


Relax Kids Mood Cards, $23.99

This colorfully illustrated deck is full of age-appropriate mantras; daily affirmations like “Today I will be happy like a bumble bee” are fab for helping kids visualize positive behavior.


Sleep Pillow Sounds White Noise Machine App, $2.99

With settings like tropical rain, quiet piano, and row boat, the Sleep Pillow Sounds White Noise Machine app helps everyone tune out. Plus, it has handy settings like a sleep timer and alarm clock.



Jaunts Editors

With a passion for discovery, our team of travel experts is always on the lookout for ways to make globe-hopping with kids more manageable (and memorable!).