Add These To Your Carry-On Stash


Comfy headphones, a perfect bag for small travelers, and crayons that won't roll off the tray table

It takes a village to entertain small children on a long flight. Here are three of our favorite things to bring on board.

Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones for Kids, $24.99

Not only are these padded headphones super comfy, but they also keep the volume below 80-90—to protect children’s hearing, even if they accidentally crank the volume on their devices. The sound quality is great and they rarely require readjusting. Available at Magic Beans.

P’kolino Triangle Crayons, $6.99

In-flight coloring only makes sense if you’re not constantly picking up dropped crayons off the floor. P’kolino’s are triangular in shape and won’t roll off the tray table. They’re also gigantic, so they last a long, long time. Available at

Fjall Raven Kanken Mini, $65

Available in many fun colors, the mini packs from Fjall Raven are nicely sized for small travelers—with plenty of pockets for stashing all of their Very Important Belongings (shopkins, lollypops for descent). Available at or



Jaunts Editors

With a passion for discovery, our team of travel experts is always on the lookout for ways to make globe-hopping with kids more manageable (and memorable!).